Hon'ble Justice

Hon'ble Justice Mr. Girish Chandra Lal  
B.Sc (Hons), B.L 
Supreme Court of Nepal

Born on January 5, 1951 A. D. (21th, Poush 2007 B.S) at village, Suga, District, Mahottary, Nepal.

  • As  a Justice of Supreme Court of Nepal
    • Appointed as Permanent Justice of Supreme Court from November 18, 2010 A.D(2067/08/01 B.S) to Present
    • Ad-Hoc Justice of Supreme Court from January 22, 2009 A.D (2065/10/09 B.S.)  to November 17, 2010 A.D(2067/08/01 B.S)
    • Also working as the member of different Periodic Committees in Supreme Court.
    • Active in other necessary activities of Judiciary.
    • As a Chief Judge of Appellate Court
        • Chief Judge of Appellate Court of Hetauda from July 29, 2008 A.D. (2065/04/14 B.S.) to January 21, 2009 A.D. (2065/10/08 B.S.)
        • Chief Judge of Appellate Court of Dipayal from January 3, 2006 A.D. (2062/09/19 B.S.) to July 28, 2008 A.D. (2065/04/13 B.S.)
  • As a Judge of Appellate Court
        • Judge of Appellate Court of Lalitpur from February 5, 2003 A.D. (2059/10/22 B.S.) to January 2, 2006 A.D.(2062/09/18 B.S.)
        • Judge of Appellate Court of Pokhara from June 10, 1999 A.D. (2056/02/27 B.S.) to February 4, 2003 A.D. (2059/10/21 B.S.)

                                    (Also Chairman & law member of Rajaswa Nyayadhikaran Pokhara)

        • Judge of Appellate Court of Hetauda from April. 13, 1996 A.D.  (2053/01/01 B.S.) to June 9, 1999 A.D. (2056/02/26 B.S.)
        • Judge of Appellate Court of Nepalgunj from Sep. 2, 1994 A.D. (2051/05/17 B.S.) to April. 12, 1996 A.D. (2052/12/30 B.S.)  
        • Additional Judge of Appellate Court of Biratnagar from Nov. 4, 1991 A.D. (2048/07/18 B.S.) to Sep. 1, 1994 A.D. (2051/05/16 B.S.)
  • As a lawyer
  • Took part in different social services. Took part in democratic movement against Panchayat System of Nepal. Helped political organizations and groups struggling for multiparty democracy, as a lawyer. Also jailed by the then government in 1980 A.D. (2037 B.S.) for taking active part in struggle for democracy & multiparty system.
  • Worked as elected President of Nepal Bar Association, Janakpur for three different terms while practicing as a lawyer.
  • Practiced as a lawyer (advocate) in different courts of Nepal First at Kathmandu and then mostly based at Janakpur from July 1976 A.D. (Ashad 2033 B.S.) to October 1991 A.D. (Kartik 2048 B.S.)
  • International Conference, Seminar and other Programmes
    • International Conference of Chief Justices 2014, Islamabad, Pakistan.
    • Malaysian Mediation Center and Kualalumpur Regional Center for Arbitration, Malaysia 2013.
    • High Court Justices Symposium of World Justice Project, Netherlands 2013.
    • Conflict Mitigation Programme, Spain 2009.
    • 3rd International Conference of Chief Justices of the World on Article 51C of the Constitution of India, 2002.
    • Visits and Seminars on Court Management, Mediation related issues, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and others.
  • Special Experiences
  • Coordinator, Steering Committee on Preparation of Instruction of Plan of Action on Court Referred Mediation, 2013.
  • Imprisoned as per Public Security Act, 1961 A.D. for the struggle for institutionalizing democracy after multiparty democracy was defeated in referendum held in 1980 A.D.
  • Valuable contribution made while working as a lawyer from 1976 A.D. till appointment as a Judge, in maintaining lawful environment by making contribution in the field of protection of Human Rights and establishment of democracy.
  • Chairperson Mediation Council,Chairperson of Mediation Committee of Supreme Court and worked in different committees as well.
  • Foreign Visits
    • India, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Netherland, Malaysia, Spain, Pakistan e.t.c.
  • Field of Interest
    • Human Rights
    • Democracy
    • Rule of law
    • Essay Writing
  • Due to retirement
  •     4th January 2016 A.D. (20/09/2072 B.S).